Device controlling

This module provide a set of commands to controls Telink's lighting and other BLE devices.

On/off status

TelinkBle.setStatus(meshAddress: number, status: boolean);


TelinkBle.setBrightness(meshAddress: number, brightness: number);
// brightness: [0.100] (integer)


TelinkBle.setTemperature(meshAddress: number, temperature: number);
// temperature: [0.100] (integer)

Set group for device

TelinkBle.addDeviceToGroup(meshAddress: number, groupAddress: number);

To remove a group:

TelinkBle.removeDeviceFromGroup(meshAddress: number, groupAddress: number);

Set scene for lighting device:

TelinkBle.setScene(sceneAddress: number, groupAddress: number);

To remove a scene:

TelinkBle.removeScene(sceneAddress: number, groupAddress: number);

Recall a scene

TelinkBle.recallScene(sceneAddress: number);

Raw BLE command

TelinkBle.sendRawString('ff ff ff ....');

Raw string is hexa-decimal formatted bytes